Canadian Gambling Legality

There is a huge grey area around whether or not it’s legal to gamble online in Canada, but since April 4th 2022 that is no longer the case in Ontario where online casinos can be licensed!

This uncertainty is often enough to put many off what is fast becoming a hugely popular form of entertainment across the globe. At Bonus Canada we ONLY feature fair, secure and responsible gambling sites for Canadians. Read on to find out where you stand and how to stay safe when it comes to gambling online…

Canadian Gambling Legislation Background

Thanks to changes in the Criminal Code in the 1970’s it became possible for provinces and territories to decide for themselves if they wished to allow gambling or poker within their domains. Subsequently many casinos and lotteries appeared. All good if you’re able to visit one of these legal gambling venues, but what about if you want to gamble online from the comfort of your own home?

Well the wording of the code is sketchy to say the least, but there is no specific law either outlawing or allowing online gambling, placing it firmly in a grey area. This probably doesn’t help you much but it’s important to know at the time of writing there have been no known prosecutions in Canada for anyone gambling online at legitimate online casinos.

How can Bonus Canada help?

We carefully research our featured online casinos, only selecting the safest casinos that are regulated by a recognised governing body and of course those that promote fair and responsible gambling. That means only accepting players of legal age to gamble (and doing appropriate checks), paying out when you should, and operating fair games.

Start by trying a no deposit bonus or maybe a free spins no deposit offer and take it from there!