Play for fun – Sensible gambling tips

Gambling can, and should, be fun. If it’s not fun, or you find yourself playing more than you want to, this can be the sign of a developing problem. Use our tips to manage your play style.

Managing your Online Casino Bankroll

It may sound pretty obvious but managing your bankroll can significantly enhance your online gambling experience. Mismanagement or overspending can make it not only a disappointing experience but a stressful one that could lead to more serious problems.

All too often, people deposit money into their online casino accounts only for it to be gone within minutes. This is no fun for anyone (except maybe the casino), but there are ways to extend your session without stretching your budget, and most importantly make it an enjoyable experience. Here’s our top tips for managing your casino bankroll:

Only deposit what you can afford to lose

This may sound pretty obvious but it can be so easy to get caught up in the rush of winning on a slot machine that appears to be paying out, or even chasing your losses after a losing streak. Decide upon your budget for that session and once you’ve depositing it, think of it as money spent. Hope for the best but be realistic that you may end up losing it all. A great way to ensure you don’t get tempted to hit the credit card for extra funds, is to use a dedicated e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill and only use funds from that account. Choosing a casino bonus can increase your bank roll but you must still remember not to deposit more than you are prepared to lose!

Choose games that maximise your gaming session

If you have set your budget for your session, why not try and make sure it lasts as long as possible? Look for games with a low house edge, this means the mathematical advantage the house has over the player. Games like blackjack, craps and high denomination slots tend to have lower house edges than that found while playing roulette, keno and penny slots. Another way to extend your gaming session is to pick games appropriate to your budget. For instance if you have set aside £100 for your session, playing a £10 blackjack game will mean it won’t last long. Look for something with a lower minimum bet.

Stick with what you know

Play games that you are familiar with, if you play games that you don’t understand, be prepared to lose more often or more quickly than you would at a game you are more skilled at. We’re not suggesting you stop playing roulette if that’s your favourite game, only that you should understand your odds of winning on each game.

Know when to stop

It’s important to take regular breaks away for gambling, even when you’re on a winning streak. It can be all too easy to get carried away and before you know it, everything you’ve won is gone. It can spiral out of control easily and lead to more serious problems. A good idea is to set yourself not only a budget for your session but a time limit. Walk away at the end of that session knowing that you haven’t overspent, win or lose, hopefully you’ll have enjoyed yourself. Most casinos these days have facilities to activate self-imposed limits. Take a look at what your casino does to promote responsible gambling.

Keep calm and control your emotions

Gambling should be a fun pastime but after a few wins it can be easy to become carried away, or after a quick succession of losses, agitated or even angry. It’s so important to play with a clear head as decisions based on emotions are never a good thing when it comes to gambling. If you find yourself in a situation like this, take a break and come back to it later or better still another day entirely when you’re in the right frame of mind. It is important to learn to recognise these signs, as playing in the wrong state of mind can be very expensive. The casino will still be there tomorrow…so sleep on it!

If all else fails, you can always play for free or use no deposit bonus and free spins no deposit offers to get the thrill you are looking for without using real cash.Here are our top tips for staying safe whilst gambling online. Follow these basic guidelines (which we use when selecting casinos to feature here on and you should be ok!

Do your research

It’s always wise to check out a casino’s credentials before you sign up or deposit any cash with them. Online forums and review sites are a good place to start as you’ll find real players’ feedback and experiences which should give you a good idea as to a casino’s reputation. If you keep coming across negative reviews, steer clear!

Check for the relevant gambling license

Most casinos will proudly display these on their homepage or at the very least you’ll find details in their ‘About Us’ section or FAQs. If they’re unlicensed, there’s no one to go to for help if you have any issues or can’t get your cash out.

Look for legitimate contact details

Do they have a contact email, phone number or live chat facility where you can get it touch if you need help? If there’s no contact details, don’t even go there!

Is the site secure?

Does the padlock symbol appear at the top of your browser? Most internet search engines will quickly recognise an unsecured site. Most casinos use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to keep your data safe, make sure you look for this before you enter any personal or banking details.

Are the payment methods secure?

Check what payment methods are accepted, you need to know that your money will be safely transferred and that you can get it back again easily if you need to. You can usually find logos of the accepted payment methods at the bottom of a casinos homepage or within their ‘Banking’ section. Choose a recognised method for your country.

Don’t share your passwords

Online fraud is an all too common occurrence these days, be sure to never provide anyone with your passwords, keep them safe and change them regularly.

If you have any concerns at all over the safety of an online casino or it just doesn’t feel right then our advice would be to steer well clear. There are plenty of reputable casinos out there where you can enjoy online gambling in a safe, secure and above all fun environment.

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Problem Gambling Support

While most people are able to enjoy gambling without incurring problems, a minority can develop issues. If you think you are gambling too much or are no longer enjoying it try these support services.